Our partner, the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding (the Panda Base), has made remarkable advances in understanding the giant panda and breeding and raising panda cubs in captivity. It has also been a pioneer in education and outreach to young people and a strong supporter of efforts to promote conservation biology. When it asked GLOBAL CAUSE to join it in a collaborative panda reintroduction project, we readily agreed.

We supply creative ideas, international scientific expertise, and essential financial resources to this project. Our joint efforts are stronger and more effective and produce better results because we work together with mutual cooperation and respect.

One of the key members of the GLOBAL CAUSE scientific team is Dr. Benjamin Kilham, an expert in black bear behavior who has successfully reintroduced more than 130 orphaned black bear cubs into the wild. Dr. Kilham has formed a strong bond with these black bear cubs enabling him to study them and their own cubs in the wild over multiple generations. With more than 20 years’ experience, he has developed a safe, innovative methodology that we hope to adapt to giant pandas.

Dr. Kilham's approach has been incorporated into other reintroduction programs and is respected by international bear rehabilitation and reintroduction experts. His scientific insight and successful experience are important to our project.

For more information on Dr. Kilham's work, please visit his website at www.benkilham.com and read his wonderful books!