Filming our Project

The film will open in the US on April 6, 2018

Our Giant Panda reintroduction project is so innovative and important that it is now the subject of the first ever IMAX 3D panda documentary.

On January 10, 2017, an IMAX film crew began filming the China segment of our story at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding (the Panda Base) in southwest China's Sichuan Province. Future filming will take place at Panda Valley in Dujiangyan and in nearby nature reserves that we are using as potential release sites for our panda cubs.

The film will focus on our strong collaboration with the Panda Base in helping to save wild giant pandas for future generations by reintroducing them successfully from captivity into the wild and studying them there after release.  

It will tell the story of how we introduced the Panda Base to our GLOBAL CAUSE scientist, Dr. Ben Kilham, who has successfully reintroduced more than 130 orphaned black bears to the wild in New Hampshire. His experience and unique methods are vitally important to us in our work to save giant pandas in the wild.

It will also highlight the extraordinary contributions of the Panda Base to this remarkable project.

The award-winning Drew Fellman is director of this spectacular new film. 

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