Transitioning Pandas to the Wild

Since its formation in 1987, our partner, the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding (CRB), has made remarkable advances in captive giant panda breeding and raising cubs in captivity. It has been a pioneer in education and outreach to young people and a strong supporter of efforts to promote conservation.

When CRB invited Global Cause in 2008 to join it in a collaborative panda reintroduction project, we readily agreed. From the start, CRB has provided visionary leadership, extensive panda knowledge, and substantial resources.  Global Cause has supported the project with creative ideas, international scientific expertise, and additional financial resources in the US. Our joint efforts produce better results because we work together with mutual cooperation and respect.

Adding captive-born giant pandas to the wild can increase wild populations and strengthen their genetic diversity. If our science team can continue to study the released pandas, we will gain unique insight into their behavior and needs. Accomplishing both of these outcomes is a difficult challenge requiring an innovative approach.