IMAX Pandas

The Chengdu Research Base (CRB) and Global Cause are both committed to environmental education.  When the award winning documentary filmmakers, Drew Fellman and David Douglas, reached out to Global Cause in 2013 and expressed interest in making an IMAX documentary film about our reintroduction project, we quickly introduced them to CRB. Drew and David have extensive experience in producing wildlife and conservation films. They were aware of Ben Kilham’s work with black bears in New Hampshire and wanted to show how it was influencing our approach to panda reintroduction.

We felt that IMAX films provide a unique way to immerse the audience in the life of a panda. We realized this format was an opportunity to connect people to Qian Qian and her journey from captivity to the wild. Global Cause was present from start to finish in making the film, helping to ensure smooth coordination and clear communication. Completing the film on time and budget was an extraordinary team effort. We are very proud to have played an important role in this film.

This film could never have been made without the tremendous cooperation and support of CRB. The film crew received unprecedented access to Qian Qian and other panda cubs in a safe and well supervised setting. They were respectful of CRB’s great expertise in pandas, and followed agreed protocols carefully throughout the production.

The new IMAX film, Pandas, was released in the US on April 6, 2018. It is available online and at select IMAX theaters. A Chinese language version followed in 2019. The IMAX Hollywood Premiere of Pandas took place on March 17, 2018, and went very well. Here are some reactions from the audience:

“It was really special and quite an honor to know so many people behind the important work that is being done in panda conservation. What a great vehicle and wonderful story the story is to further the cause!”

 “The dots, the stories, the people, the places and the pandas keep connecting. The path continues to open up to a wild world. So glad that we were able to share in IMAX Pandas.”

“We sincerely look forward to “wild” success in the future with you and the pandas.” 

“’Pandas’ not only spotlights the important work being done to protect these beloved and ridiculously cute animals, but it provides us with inspiration and hope and showcases the great things we can achieve when we work together.”

Kristen Bell
Narrator of Pandas