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  • Make a difference! Join our Wild Panda Team by making a tax-deductible donation of $25 to Global Cause ($10 for students).
  • Your contribution will reintroduce our panda cubs into the wild, buy them special collars, and keep our field scientists doing essential research and working closely with them in China.
  • Giant pandas are at risk in the wild. We have lots of pandas in captivity, but no one has figured out how to successfully return them to the wild. You can help us fix that!
  • Pandas were born to live in nature as wild pandas, not just in zoos. Our science team is working to give them a life of freedom, but we need your support!
  • We want everyone to join our Wild Panda Team. If you're a student, you can become a member for a donation of only $10.00. Just enter the code STUDENT in the coupon box when you sign up.


Benefits of Membership:

  • You join a family of Panda friends working together to save giant pandas in the wild.
  • You’ll get our e-newsletter, Wild Panda News, with great panda photos and inside info about our project.
  • Your donation will go directly to saving wild giant pandas. That’s our focus and our passion. Show us that it’s yours as well!


Eight ways you can help save wild pandas!

  • Join our Wild Panda Team!
  • Invite your friends to join as well.
  • Read our newsletter, Wild Panda News, and follow our blog, Panda Blog
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  • Help us with ideas to raise more funds to support our panda cubs and our science team.
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  • Spread the word that giant pandas are being hurt by global warming!