Educational Outreach

Building greater public awareness and getting young people involved in our efforts to save wild giant pandas are key goals for Global Cause.

As our first educational initiative, we joined with the Science Education and Public Outreach Office of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and The Leatherback Trust in a successful internet conservation awareness campaign that reached more than a million people in North America and more than 5 million people internationally.

We then launched our Dragon Program, an educational initiative with Hangzhou Normal University bringing Chinese university students to America for an intensive 24-day immersion program. The students learned about our people, culture and history, studied English at the Drexel University English Language Center, attended university lectures on global warming, and visited a number of US cities and universities. It was a great learning experience for them and for us.

We believe it is especially important to give young people an opportunity to work together on environmental issues on an international basis. In this spirit, we launched our “Teaching Tomorrow’s Leaders Together” initiative in 2011. In cooperation with the Chengdu Education Bureau, we forged a partnership between The Bullis Charter School in California and the Dujiangyan Foreign Language Experimental School (DFLES) in China. Middle school students and teachers from Bullis travel to DFLES and Chengdu each year and then host return visits from DFLES. While in China, they learn about giant pandas and our research into panda behavior.

Since 2015, we have worked with students from Haddonfield High School in New Jersey who are learning about giant pandas and global warming. They have helped us by raising funds for our reintroduction project on Earth Day and spreading the word about our effort to save wild pandas.  We are committed to communicating our message clearly and involving more young people in our efforts to save wild giant pandas. If we can unleash their energy and creativity, we greatly improve our chances for success!