Global Cause is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving giant pandas in the wild. We work with our partners at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding on an innovative plan to reintroduce captive-born pandas to their natural habitat.

IMAX Pandas Premiere in Hollywood!
Check out the interviews with our scientists and the directors of IMAX Pandas as they arrived for the premiere on March 17th.

Ben’s Bears

Dr. Ben Kilham, a key member of our science team, was vital to developing our reintroduction method. Ben completed his PhD with his adviser Dr. James R. Spotila, co-director of the reintroduction project science team. For more about Ben's work with bears, visit  www.kilhambearcenter.org.

US, Chinese Scientists Work Together
to Reintroduce Pandas to Wild

“That’s the whole point of this project is to get pandas that are born from captive-born mothers and born in a human care facility and then get them to transition out into the wild.”