Working Together


We work closely with our colleagues at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding (the Panda Base) on how best to save giant pandas in the wild. There is much that science does not yet know about these beautiful creatures. We are doing essential research together and applying knowledge gained in returning orphaned black bears to the wild in our reintroduction effort.

Our science team is led by Hou Rong, Director of Research at the Panda Base, and Dr. James R. Spotila from Drexel University and GLOBAL CAUSE. We are applying and adapting the innovative methods of another GLOBAL CAUSE scientist, Dr. Benjamin Kilham, a world-renowned expert in bear behavior who has pioneered our unique approach.

Saving giant pandas will require saving their habitat. Protecting their habitat and the biodiversity it contains will help minimize the damage from global warming.

There is a great deal more to do. By working as a team with our Chinese colleagues, we make more progress every day.