Important Plant Research in Sichuan

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Important Plant Research in SichuanJuly 2017 By Ramana Callan and Loreena Avery As the Sichuan summer rolls in, we have a short window of opportunity to survey the plant diversity at the nature reserves where we may soon release our … Continued

About those questions

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About those questions: We’ve noticed a number of questions recently about our panda reintroduction project.  As we discuss elsewhere, we’re working with the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding to save wild giant pandas from extinction by learning how … Continued

The Importance of Giant Panda Reintroduction

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By our Science Team Reintroducing animals to the wild is an arduous task, requiring foresight, decades of hard work, and cooperation among scientists, NGOs, and government. But history shows us that it can work and that it is absolutely necessary: … Continued

Are Wild Pandas Still Endangered?

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Are wild Giant pandas still endangered?By Jake Owens, Ph.D Part 1 of 3:   In late 2016 the International Union for the Conservation of Nature  (IUCN) changed the conservation status of giant pandas from “Endangered” to “Vulnerable”. What does this … Continued

And now, here we are!

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by Georgia Akranis and Sarah King: We are excited to join the Panda Reintroduction Project as Research Assistants at Panda Valley. Both of us are recent alumni of Drexel University. We were introduced to Global Cause Foundation through our professor, … Continued

Happy Birthday Qian Qian!

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  Qian Qian was one of the first two giant pandas selected for our panda research and reintroduction program. This week she turned three years old. The first time I met her was in March 2014, a few days after … Continued

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